he youth are valuable human resource and future leaders of the nation. National development mostly depends on their active participation. The youth are a most strong, self-confident and productive segment of the population. Therefore it is very much essential to turn them into skilled human resource by utilizing their endless potential and creativity in interest of national development. As per electoral commitment of the present Government, National Service Programme with a view to providing temporary employment to the unemployed youths passing S.S.C to above in the age group of 15-35 years through their involvement in national building activities was approved in 2009-10. According to approved policy, as pilot area of the programme all upizllaes (19) of three districts of Kurigram, Barguna and Gopalganj have been selected for operation of the same. For the secend time the program has been extended to 8 upazillas of remaining 7 districts (Rangpur, Gaibandha, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Dinajpur,Thakurgaon and Panchgarh) of Rangpur division in 2011-2012 financial year. In this stage, age and of the educated unemployed youth are respectively 24-35 years and H.S.C to above. Primarily, the educated youths of the working areas are given three months’ training on ten particular modules. After completion of training they are given temporary employment locally for two years against different services of the Government. The concerned youths would be able to engage themselves in employment/income generating activities in future days from the experience gathered from two years temporary attachment.

Implementing Authority:
Ministry of Youth & Sports is responsible for implementation of National Service Programme. Department of Youth Development under the Ministry is to perform implementation /activities.

Aims and objectives:
To impart training and provide temporary employment to the educated unemployed youths in nation building activities.

Core activities:
1) Three months training to the unemployed youths on 10 particular trades.
2) Two years temporary employment/attachment to the trained youths in different organizations / services.

Financial benefits:
1) Every youth will have Tk.100/- as training allowance daily during training period.
2) In employment period, each of the youths will be given Tk.200/- as service allowance daily. 
3) In every month each of youth has to diposit tk.2000/- as saving out of month working tk. 6000/-     against his/her bank  account which is refandable after completion of two years assignment.

Three months training course modules(10Nos):    (Click me!!)
1. Nation and character building training module.
2. Disaster Management and social service training module.
3. Basic computer training module.
4. Self-employment training module.
5. Module on idea of different service sectors of the Government.
6. Health and family planning service related training module .
7. Education and physical education related training module .
8. Agriculture, forest and environment related training module.
9. Social security law and order related module. 
10. Union parishad and upazilla parishad service related module.
( Modules from 1-4 for all during one and a half month . In remaining period 5-10 modules
for certain youths who are interested in concerned fields towards employment)

Programme Location :
01) Kurigram district: All upazills of the district i,e. Bhurungamari, Rajibpur, Chilmari,
      Fulbari,Kurigram Sadar,Nageshwari, Rajarhat,Ulipur and Roumari.
02) Barguna district: All upazillas of the district i,e Betagi, Bamna, Patharghata, Amtali and
       Barguna Sadar.
03) Gapalgonj district: All upazillas of the district i.e. Gopalgonj Sadar, Tungipara,        Kotalipara, Muksudpur and Kashiani.
04)  Rangpur district : Pirgang & Kauria upazillas
05)  Gaibandha district : Fulchhari upazilla
06)  Lalmonirhat district : Hatibandha upazilla
07)  Nilphamari district : Dimla upazilla
08)  Dinajpur district : Khansama upazilla
09)  Thakurgaon district : Haripur upazilla
10)  Panchgarh district : Panchgarh Sadar upazilla

Fields of Attachment/Employment after completion of training:
The trained youths will be offered temporary employment for two years in different local organizations. This temporary employment starts in this financial year (2010-11) and designed to be ended in financial year 2012-13. Fields of employment are given below:
a) Teaching at primary and secondary school levels.
b) As a computer teacher in schools where computer course has been in operation.
c) Working as community police for assistance to law and order enforcing agencies in the fields
social security, maintenance of public property, traffic and fundamental laws.
d) Assistance to clients receiving health service in hospitals and clinics.
e) Guidance to common people for having different types of loan including agri-loan run by the Govt.
f) Assistance to organizations concerned to protect adulteration in food business agencies like
hotels and restaurants and food distributions in upazilla and districts.
g) Working for the youths trained in livestock, poultry and fishery towards their self- employment activities. 
h) Rendering agriculture related information service to farmers and implementing Govt. decisions in this field.
i) Work for awareness building, alert and warning; recovery and rehabilitation with local administration in disaster management.
j) Assistance to schools for sports development.
k) Activities in connection with awareness building for environment development and nurseryand gardening.
l) Assistance to implementation work in the fields of social security and old-age allowance.
m) Helping LGED for supervision and maintenance of their infrastructural development works.
Except above areas the youths concerned will be employed in different organization as per local requirement.

Implementation system:
There are three coordination committees to help implementation of the programme.

1) Central Coordination Committee:
Central Coordination Committee consists of 23 members from different ministries and agencies for smooth implementation, coordination and guidance centrally. Hon’ble Minister,Ministry of Youth &Sports is the advisor to Central Coordination Committee. Secretary, Ministry of Youth & Sports is the chairperson of the committee . Director General, Department of Youth is the member-secretary of the committee. The committee sits once after every three months.

2) District Coordination Committee:
For proper implementation of the programme there is a district level coordination committee comprising of 18 members where Deputy Commissioner of the concern district is the chairman and members are from the departments under the ministries included in central coordination committee. Concern Deputy Director, Department of Youth Development is the member- secretary of the committee. The committee sits once in a month and take steps for fruitful implementation of the programme. The committee will also inform concerned ministries including Ministry of Youth & Sports the steps taken by them.

3) Upazilla Coordination Committee:
There are seventeen members in upazilla coordination committee for smooth implementation of the programme at upazilla level. On the committee hon’ble local Member of Parloument(MP), upazilla parisad Chairman and 2 vice-chairmen are there as advisors . Upazilla Nirbahi officer is the chairman of the committee. Under the committee there are members from concerned departments/ministries. Upazilla Coordination Committee will play main role in implementing the programme at upazilla level. The committee sits once in a month.

Reporting System :
For implementation of the programme Department of Youth Development (DYD) has developed a reporting mechanism by which MYS/DYD will have progress reports/returns from field level offices.

Source of Fund:
The programme is being financed by Government of Bangladesh (GOB).

Present Status of the programme :
The program has already covered 27 upazillas of 10 districts in the country. The activities of the program in the districts of Kurigram, Borguna and Gopalganj ended in 2013 and still running in remaining 7 districts (8 upazillas) of Rangpur Division.

Future of the programme:
The programme will be extended to all other districts by turns. It is now under process.

Progress of the programme :

27 upizillas of 10 districts at a glance(1st phase and 2nd phase):    (Click me!!)
Number of youths selected :  80784 youths
Number of youth trained : 71316 youth
Number of youth temporarily employed : 70521 youth
Allocation upto  June 2014 : tk. 1087.20 crore
Expenditure upto June 2014 :  tk. 952.71 crore
Current years allocation (2014-15) : tk 242.74 crore.


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